mercredi 30 novembre 2016


The way you told me goodbye...

# heartache farewell goodbye kraken cthulhu fox foxy heartbreak heartbleed octopus friend no friend love hate wound naughty weak creeper demons

mercredi 16 novembre 2016

Heart and Reason

# heart blood wound bateau boat pirate sea waves kraken ancre anchor sail sailor tattoo star cloud cloudy night
Heart and Reason - maybe the next tattoo ?


samedi 29 octobre 2016

Stay Away Tattoo

Stay away ! 
# tatouage fingers wild love hate tattoo subculture punk oi angry cat blue cute sauvage

dimanche 28 août 2016

Undead Fishes

Disponible sur ma boutique Redbubble : T-shirt, hoodies, notebook, mug de voyage... ;)
#  shoal of fish fish fishes fishbones undead skull splash water cool bones

mercredi 3 août 2016


Egalement disponible ici (t-shirt, prints, notebooks...)
 greenwar greenpeace peace green skull bones bunny lapin rabbit squelette hardcore logo paix punk animal

vendredi 1 avril 2016

Paper Surfer

# Surf Bodyboard Paper Texture Wave Vague Freestyle Drawing Air forward spin Trick Spin air Belly spin air Cregs Crossed Legs Reverse Design Boogie Surfsession Beach Slab Paradise Lines Sunny